When one is entangled in the monotony of the post-Christmas revision period, any book becomes instantly more fascinating than Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises! Nevertheless, there are two very different, books that I want to heavily recommend: Moriarty, by best-selling author Anthony Horowitz, and a lesser-known gem of a classic, Stoner, by John Williams.

As is often the way – at least in my household! – neither book was primarily given to me but each did the rounds and was eagerly devoured in turn.

Perhaps as a consolation to those feeling the absence of the popular BBC series Sherlock (not until next Christmas guys!), but also for a more general readership, Moriarty offers a thrilling Sherlockian adventure with murder, mystery and a great twist, a worthy homage to Doyle’s timeless literary creation.

Two very different but well-crafted novels

Two very different but well-crafted novels

In contrast, though equally gripping, is Stoner, which tells the story of he life of a very ordinary man. Yet it is precisely this focus on the individual, with its poignant descriptions that at times concentrates on the minute detail and then tumbles on with all the breathless indifference of time itself.

So now that I’ve thrown down the temptation – and hopefully given a sense of justice to both – I guess it’s back to revision for me…