To say that Mamma Mia! was amazing would be to understate the sheer power and energy of this incredible show. Musicals are always fun, but this has got to be the best I have ever seen. I was expecting it to be a fantastic show and it certainly didn’t disappoint. This is the first time the international tour of the ABBA musical has ever been performed at the Empire, showing from 20th February to 14th March 2015.

From the beginning of the show the atmosphere in the theatre was electric; there wasn’t a single empty seat in the house, and if you see this musical you will understand why. Aside from a few technical glitches with the microphones in the prologue, the show went off without a hitch; it was clear that it was very well rehearsed to make sure everything was absolutely perfect. The cast were incredible; they even managed to keep a straight face when one member of the audience shouted to Justin Thomas (Sky) “I’ll marry you!” halfway through the performance.

The show was a perfect balance of heart-wrenching moments and comedic timing throughout, with a couple of cracking one-liners as well as some serious athleticism and musical talent on display. The actress of the night had to go to Sue Devaney for her incredible performance as Rosie, rivaling Julie Walters’ comedic performance in the popular film adaptation. However I think the entire audience would agree that Sara Poyer’s voice was astonishing in her performance as Donna.  The energy of the night was staggering, from the audience as well as the talented star-studded cast.

Anthony van Laast’s choreography was innovatively done and perfectly executed throughout the show, from the intense number ‘Money Money Money’ right through to the set changes which flowed effortlessly from one to another.  The use of such a simple set was incredibly effective; the audience were immediately transported to Greece. Although each was incredible in its own unique way, my favourite number in the show had to be ‘Lay all your love on me’; the sequence of choreography from the ensemble was extraordinary, dancing in flippers is an amazing skill! And there was some serious eye candy on display from the boys, with Justin Thomas’ appearance in tiny pants understandably raising cheers from the audience. As it turns out, he even looks good in a dress…

The award for best comedy song of the night had to go to Shobna Gulati for her performance as Tanya in ‘does your mother know’ which had everyone in the audience cheering along. The performance was certainly different than the popular film version in many ways, with the audience being such a key part of the overall experience, but this only added to the fun of the night. And it has to be said, Richard Standing is a miles better singer than Pierce Brosnan…

From start to finish the show was incredible, a truly unique experience. So if you can get hold of tickets, don’t miss this fantastic experience, it’s well worth it. And if anyone has a ticket and you change your mind, I’m the first in line…


  • Donna- Sara Poyzer
  • Donna- Francesca Ellis (certain shows).
  • Rosie- Sue Devaney
  • Tanya- Shobna Gulati
  • Sam Carmichael- Richard Standing
  • Harry Bright- Mark Jardine
  • Bill Austin- Michael Beckley
  • Sophie Sheridan- Niamh Perry
  • Sky- Justin Thomas
  • Ali- Daniella Bowen
  • Lisa- Tara Young
  • Pepper- Alex Simmons
  • Eddie- Charlie Stemp



  • Matthew Ronchetti
  • Michael Anthony
  • Holly Ashton
  • Charlotte Bradford
  • Devon-Elise Johnson
  • Matt Kennedy
  • Gemma Lawson
  • Scott Mobley
  • Dean Read
  • Ellie Rutherford
  • Parisa Shahmir
  • Tom Stanford-Wheatley
  • Katy Stredder
  • Rhodri Watkins
  • Sarah Wilkie
  • Jamie Wilkin
  • Simon Willmont (Trained at Liverpool’s very own LIPA).