Taylor Swift is famed for her catchy love songs and tales of ex-boyfriends, and it would seem that her new song ‘Style’, the video for which was officially released yesterday, is no different. Or is it?



There has been much speculation from fans surrounding the new video, directed by Kyle Newman, after teaser trailers were released showing an unusual side to Taylor, as she appears in a much different, perhaps a little less self-righteous, light than her other videos. Although having said this, can you get much more different than the sinister character she plays in ‘Blank Space’? The video for ‘Style’, which was conveniently released during fashion week, is very abstract in nature, and is reportedly about her on-off relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles. From the rather obvious title, Taylor clearly isn’t a fan of being conspicuous…

The video was leaked unofficially just hours before it was due to be aired on Good Morning America, which was followed quickly by an official release onto Taylor’s Vevo channel. But why has Taylor chosen to release the rather dark video about broken love so close to Valentines day? Is she trying to send us a message? I think so, but not in the way you might think. I don’t think Taylor is trying to put us all off love, in fact her character is reunited with the character at the end of the video; so is it simply a message that love isn’t always straightforward?

I absolutely love the artistic nature of the video, it’s a great addition to her refreshingly different new album ‘1989’.  I think everyone has a weakness for her older songs like ‘Love Story’ and ‘You belong with me’ and that’s not going to change, but I think now fans are really beginning to see a new Taylor, showing her transition from her innocent childhood self into someone who is valuing herself and trying to find what she wants from life, and like a lot of others, I can relate to that.

In a recent interview, Taylor herself said it’s a fantastic song to ‘strut’ to, and although she doesn’t want to reveal who the song is really about, I don’t think that’s important, it’s a great track which is going to be everywhere pretty soon. We’ll have to see how long it takes to ‘go out of style’…