The Inbetweeners, a comedy sitcom born on Channel 4 follows four teenagers through their sixth form years. This is an awkward stage of life for the best of us, so not surprisingly the three series contain plenty of toe-curling laughs as the not so charismatic quartet make that all-important journey through to manhood.

After a successful transition from the small to big screen with The Inbetweeners 1, The Inbetweeners 2 sees the likely lads, Jay, Simon, Will and Neil, jet across to Australia for the trip of a lifetime. Whilst the hijinks that follow might be hilariously sickening and thoroughly entertaining, they also provide valuable insights into the dos and don’ts of holidaying abroad.

So without further ado, here are the dos and don’ts of holidaying abroad according to The Inbetweeners 2.

Do: engage with the local culture

Will tries his hardest to engage with the local culture although his attempts often don’t work out as he planned. For example: being submerged whilst kayaking just off the local beach; being mocked for not taking part with the hippy vibe that Byron Bay is known for and taking his backpack into a nightclub with disastrous consequences. But don’t let Will’s experiences put you off. One of the most enlightening and rewarding parts of travelling abroad is exploring the local culture.

Do: find accommodation in advance

Perhaps one of the scariest travelling experiences is entering a city or town just as the sun is going down and not knowing where you are going to stay that night. The fact that the lads find a youth hostel in Byron Bay well in advance is actually a really useful bit of advice to travellers everywhere. The sooner you can get your accommodation sorted before you arrive looking for somewhere to spend the night, the better.

Do: stay in touch with your family back home

One of the most important things that The Inbetweener lads do is to stay in touch with their family back home. This gives their family peace of mind by letting them know exactly where they are and that they’re safe. However, whether you are happy with what you find out on these calls is anyone’s guess, with Will discovering that a man has been staying in his house with his mum while he is away.

Don’t: forget to research before you set off

Websites like the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s “Know Before You Go” have some really useful information on what to expect before you go abroad. If the lads had just looked up the Travel Advice for Australia ( before they went away, they might have avoided a lot of the trouble they ended up getting into.

Don’t: fail to prepare

Australia is known for its huge outback and sweeping deserts, and as it is “a vast country. You should plan journeys carefully, particularly if you’re travelling to remote areas”. This is something that the boys don’t do and they really do pay the consequences. Without preparing for the trip with enough water or petrol, Simon is forced to resort to drinking Neil’s urine to survive. Again this is a great example of why it’s important that you plan carefully before you travel, though unfortunately having to drink your friend’s urine isn’t the worst that can happen.

Whether you’re planning the journey of your life to Australia like the boys, or just a quick jet across to Europe, is a great place to get essential advice about your destination.