As hard as it is to believe, there is a world outside of University. A world capable of providing you with fulfilling experiences that your degree can’t even come close to matching, so why not use the time you have now to see what the world has to offer.

Old enough to be independent yet young enough to not have to worry about boring stuff like taxes and pensions, there really isn’t a better time to travel than when you’re a student. The free time and lack of responsibilities mean that now is the ideal time to explore the world before the demands of real world 9-5 office hours make it near impossible.

As a Liverpool Uni student, it’s tempting to fall into the cycle of doing coursework by day and hitting up Concert Square by night but if you can scrape together a bit of cash from your student loan (preferably when it first comes in) then you’ll easily find that spending some time abroad can be a much more fulfilling experience than an infinite amount of nights-out will ever provide you.

The diversity of the student population at the University of Liverpool is an indication of how enlightening travel can be, with the melting pot of cultures giving modern-day students a real insight into a host of different cultures that wasn’t afforded the generations before us.

There is no better time to be a student than right now. Think of all the different people and cultures that you can get to know just by talking to the people you meet on a daily basis. There really is a world on your doorstep.

Do you want to study abroad?

Do you want to study abroad?

What more inspiration do you need to travel than the wealth of cultures found on campus? And with reading weeks and Easter acting as perfect getaway times, you have the perfect opportunity to decompress from the unending coursework deadlines and dreary, Groundhog Day-esque repetition of lecture slides with a quick trip abroad.

You may be thinking that you can’t travel as you don’t have the money or you’re worried about something going wrong when you’re away, you need not worry as there are ways around this. For instance, Liverpool University provides study abroad schemes that allow you to spend 6 months to a year abroad, often at no extra cost, and most teach in English as well!


Alternatively, why not make the most of your international friends and go and stay with them for a few nights over the holidays. Not only will it save you a considerable amount of money on accommodation but it will also ensure you get a true insight into how that country is for the locals.

Or if it’s staying safe whilst abroad that is putting you off then Foreign and Commonwealth Office offer loads of great advice and information for student travellers on their website:, so be sure to check it out before you go away.

You could spend the rest of your time as a student stuck on campus but why not get out there and explore the world while you still have the time, you won’t regret it.