Liverpool Student Media got a chance to sit down with some of the candidates running for Guild president and ask them a couple of questions.

Grace Edwards

Grace Edwards

What subject are you studying?

English and Classical Studies

What year of study are you in?


Where are you from?

County Durham

Are you a member of any societies?

Feminist Society

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love watching films and documentaries, reading, writing, crafts and painting

What do you love most about Liverpool?

There is an abundance of stuff of what to do, you can never be bored, there is so much innovation and creativity, and there is always something going on

Give us one little known fact about you…

I am half-Sri Lankan

What made you decide to stand for election?

I have been here for 2 and a half years and have seen the Guild grow and build its potential. However, being called ‘Liverpool Guild’ it loses the fact it is for students. It needs to be repoliticised, and it needs to get students involved, I also want to campaign for change in the wider society as well as for students

Outline the key points of your manifesto…

I will make university endorsed housing safer for all students and ensure that guidelines don’t unfairly favour landlords

I will make the Guild truly representative of our diverse student population, and ensure we become active in wider politics

I will implement a free bike scheme to combat high travel costs across the city

Sum up your campaign in 5 words or less…

Empowerment, change, development