Liverpool Student Media got a chance to sit down with some of the candidates running for Guild president and ask them a couple of questions.

Harry Anderson


What subject were you studying?

I studied Modern History and Politics, I eventually want to do a Masters in Political Science  

Where are you from?

I was born in Sheffield but grew up in Bricksworth

Were you a member of any societies?

I chaired the Labour Student Society, I was also a member of the History Society

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

When I have it [time], I enjoy seeing friends and going for runs

What do you love most about Liverpool?

The architecture, there are so many beautiful buildings down by the docks, and of course, our own redbrick institution!

Give us one little known fact about you…

One of my favourite drinks is American Gold, a whisky they sell in Aldi

What made you decide to stand for election?

I helped out with James Coe when he first ran and he got me interested in it. The main thing was, I used to record my lectures on my phone and others around me were too, and I asked myself why are the University not doing it? So I set about enrolling ‘Lecture Capture’. The best universities here and America do it, and a guy from the Computer Services Department said he can set it up at a fraction of the price the University quoted. I am running for re-election in order to see all this through, as it’s impossible to do something like Lecture Capture in a year

Outline the key points of you manifesto…

I will ensure Lecture Capture is fully implemented

I will increase the Guild’s block grant

I will improve graduate employability

Sum up your campaign in 5 words or less…

Re-elect Harry Andrson for President