After an initial slow start to the Guild Elections they have finally gained some momentum, finishing yesterday on 1,154 votes. At 9 o’clock this morning, the last full day of voting, they reached 1,860.

The difference between first and second place stands at a mere 12 votes and as seen in previous years, the majority of votes typically come through on Thursday and Friday, so the candidates have a full day of campaigning ahead if they want to get an edge on their opposition.

However, over the first couple of days the candidates were doing all they could to reach the masses through doing lecture shout-outs and the suchlike, yet candidates now typically want to engage would-be voters on a one-to-one level – so don’t be surprised if you see them canvasing on University Square rather than in your lecture theatre.

Department Turnout: How has your school fared?

Department Turnout: How has your school fared?

The top five schools for voter turnout are as follows: School of Medicine, Management, Environmental Science, Law and Life Sciences. Rather unsurprisingly, Politics students are the largest cohort with 34%.

Why should I vote? Aside from practicing your right to democracy, each voter is entered into a prize draw; with prizes ranging from free meal deals at the Guild shop to annual city bike passes!

If you still haven’t cast your vote yet, there is still time. There are polling stations at both the Harold Cohen and Sydney Jones libraries or you can vote online on the Liverpool Guild website.