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Submissions are now open for Electrolux’s Design Lab Competition: a concept design competition for design students across the world.

This year’s theme is ‘Healthy Happy Kids’ and it focuses on three key areas of innovation for future households: cooking, fabric care and air purification.

Students are asked to submit a description and visual sketch illustrating the idea with a description of the possible consumer benefits.

Submissions are evaluated on key areas including innovation, aesthetics and intuitiveness.

Pan Wang Electrolux Design Lab 2014 Future Hunter Gatherer

Pan Wang, Electrolux Design Lab Winner 2014

First prize will receive €10,000 and 6 months paid internship at Electrolux, a Scandinavian-based, global company specialising in professional and household appliances. Second and third place receive €6000 and €4000 respectively, and a ‘People’s choice’ winner receives €2000.

In a statement to LSMedia, Pan Wang, who received first prize in 2014 for her ‘Future Hunter-Gatherer’ design, described how winning the competition has affected her.

“I appreciate the process of design even more because I have seen and experienced the different stages a concept has to go through to achieve the end result.”

“The competition has given me a chance to get to know more designers and speak to different people about their experiences and design thoughts.”

“I am now in the last year of my Master’s degree and after I have finished this I will begin my internship at an Electrolux Design centre. I am really looking forward to getting involved and contributing to the Electrolux design projects, and I cannot wait to get started.”

Pan Wang’s concept was chosen out of 1700 submissions from over 60 countries.

Her ‘Future Hunter Gatherer’ concept is a holographic grocery shopping experience designed to teach children about where their food comes from. The user collects the food through either hunting, fishing or gathering. This is then transmitted to the local grocery store from where it is dispatched and delivered to the user’s door.

future hunter gatherer

Pan Wang’s ‘Future Hunter Gatherer’ Concept


Here are a few of the runners-up:

‘UrbanCONE’ was designed by Michal Pospiech, a design student from Poland. It aims to create healthy microclimates by filtering pollutants from the air around the user.

urban cone

Michal Pospiech’s ‘UrbanCONE’ concept


‘Set to Mimic’ was designed by Sorina Rasteanu, a product design student from Romania. Using gel patches containing microchips placed on the head to stimulate the brain, the user can experience a taste or smell other than that of what they are eating -you could be eating a carrot but have the impression that you are eating pizza or a steak, making healthy eating easier.

Set to mimic

Sorina Rasteanu’s ‘Set to Mimic’ concept


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The submission deadline for the competition is 8th April 2015. Find more information on how to enter here.