Liverpool students are taking a mature approach when it comes to both their studies and student life, according to research from Endsleigh.

The insurance company’s 2015 Housemate Quiz, which surveyed over 10,500 current and recent students across the UK, found that 45% of those who either attend or recently attended university in Liverpool would now even prioritise studying for exams over going on holiday.

The survey shows that students can see the benefits of building an accomplished CV during their time at university. Just under half (47%) of Liverpool-based respondents said that if lectures were cancelled they would fill their time productively – with 26% saying they would go to the library to do some extra reading, and 21% saying they would participate in extracurricular activities, including sport – which can also help when getting on the career ladder.

Contrary to some widely-held perceptions of student life, the survey also revealed how responsible and considerate Liverpool students are when it comes to dealing with their accommodation – as well as with their housemates. Nearly a third (31%) of those surveyed said they would organise a house meeting if tensions started rising at home, whilst just under one in four (24%) said they would be willing to pay for bills upfront if fellow housemates repaid them at a later date.

Perhaps surprisingly for anyone who has lived in shared accommodation before, only a mere 17% said that they would eat other housemates’ food if they felt peckish.

However, it is not all work and no play and students still understand the need to have fun. While their studies are a clear priority, most of those questioned recognised the importance of celebrating events together as house. Over three quarters (79%) of Liverpool students surveyed said that they had already made plans for housemates’ birthdays, with over half (61%) prearranging drinks and 18% organising a surprise party and tickets to a club in advance.

Sara Newell, Head of Student & Graduate Markets at Endsleigh, said:

“It’s extremely positive to see students demonstrating a mature approach to university – particularly when studying at a greater expense and against a backdrop of a fiercely competitive job market. Endsleigh’s quiz reveals just how well students understand what is now required of them – and just how seriously they are taking this challenge! That said, having fun and making friends at university is just as important as obtaining a degree. It is vital to strike a good work-life balance at any stage of life and to learn how to do this early on will undoubtedly benefit students as they embark upon their hopefully long and prosperous career paths.”

You can take the Endsleigh housemate quiz by clicking here to find out which housemate you are, and to be in with a chance on winning a month’s rent for you and your housemates.