From just under 200 votes cast from the School of Medicine yesterday to 313 as of this morning, it would seem that medical students are embracing the elections like never before.

According to the latest statistics from the Guild, it would seem that there is an unprecedentedly high voter turnout from the School of Medicine, with it being far and away the highest of all departments and schools.

The School of Medicine has seen voter turnout like never before

The School of Medicine has seen voter turnout like never before

In previous years, medicine students have been noted for their lacklustre response to the Student Officer Elections, with many of the opinion that these elections did not concern them.

After the ‘James Bondage’ fiasco earlier this academic year, the LMSS (Liverpool Medical Students’ Society) and Liverpool Guild, whose relationship has always been fairly fraught, have come to a bit of a head; as any societies that fall under the LMSS are banned from using Guild facilities, in what can only be considered a form of punishment for the leaked script from their end of term show which seemed to mock victims of rape.

So why should medical students suddenly take an interest in the elections, which for years have “not concerned” them? Liverpool Student Media have been reliably informed by several members of the LMSS that they are actively encouraging medical students to vote for two candidates in particular; Becky Garnault and Rosie O’Donnell who have both explicitly promised to support the LMSS and all medical students.

Could this be the reason behind the School of Medicine’s sudden surge in voter turnout? We will know for sure tonight when the results are revealed.