Kabinett 2Aligned alluringly just below ground level, the mysterious neon-lit sign of Kabinett has attracted the attention of many a student at the bus stop from across the road on Myrtle Street. Hidden in the basement of a former Liverpool John Moores University art building, Kabinett is Liverpool’s coolest new bar. In fact it is the only bar in this city with its own wine-based cocktails and it is this, among other unique aspects, that makes this bar stand out from the rest.

Descending the stairway is like plunging down into a melting pot of fine wine, stunning cheese and marvellous meats that will surely satisfy your taste buds and may even, as the menu proposes, ‘cause crimes of passion’. This atmosphere is further complimented by the oxblood walls, hand-made light cages and luxurious leather sofas that lend a sophisticated edge to the quirky basement.

With many influences from popular culture including the aforementioned décor that is reminiscent of ‘Twin Peaks’ and creative cocktail titles such as ‘Brimful of Asha on a fortified’, the place has a fun vibe and every guest is made to feel welcome.

“We want people to be at home here”, says bar supervisor, Niall Brown. “If you fancy a cocktail that’s not on the menu, just ask and we will make it for you!”

'She's a perfect 10 but she wears a gherkin!'

‘She’s a perfect 10 but she wears a gherkin!’

Prices vary but the menu caters for everyone. A beer will set you back around £4 but if you’re feeling adventurous, cocktails are only slightly more expensive at £7 for a classic or £8 for a Kabinett original that promises not to disappoint.

When questioned about the name of the bar, Mike Garth, part owner, explains that it derives from a sweet German wine that was literally kept in a ‘Kabinett’ and set apart from the others. This notion made people believe that the wine was superior and that it deserved its place above the rest. The same, it could be said, is true of this bar.

Kabinett is still relatively unknown which makes it the perfect venue to impress your friends (or a date!) and with frequent deals and events such as quizzes and open mic nights, you’ll think twice about getting on that 86 bus before you’ve made a return visit.

Kabinett: 2A Myrtle Street, Liverpool, L7 7DP

Opening times: 4pm – late