*WARNING: Contains pictures some may find distressing*

Many of you may know him from his hilarious performances as Derek or David Brent, but recently Ricky Gervais has been hitting the  headlines for something entirely different. Last week the twittersphere went mad after keen animal rights activist Ricky tweeted a picture of female huntress Rebecca Francis grinning whilst lying next to a dead giraffe with the caption “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling?”

The picture that started an online  war

The picture that sparked an online war


The tweet has since gone viral, inviting a barrage of comments from an understandably outraged public. Most are shocked and disgusted at the idea of killing such a innocent creature, all in the name of ‘sport’. But it hasn’t ended there. Since the first tweet went live on the 13th, there has been an online battle going on between Ricky and Rebecca, who claims she will “never apologise” for being a hunter. Francis is said to be holding fast to her so-called ‘beliefs’, despite the fact that they are ignorant and illogical, prompting us all to wonder if really, she is just giving excuses for her disgusting behaviour. Human beings have supposedly developed from being primitive cavemen. Clearly some of us are further up the evolutionary scale than others Rebecca. You, m’love, are ridiculously close to the bottom.

On her website, Rebecca boasts an ‘impressive’ hunting resumé, having shot animals like moose, bears, zebras and bull elephants in countries including Africa, Alaska, New Zealand and North America. Well done, you’ve been to nice foreign countries and put an arrow in some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. Rebecca even has videos of her hunting ‘adventures’. Erm, not only is that really sick but someone should tell her that an ‘adventure’ is when you go exploring in your back garden aged 5. Get a grip love.

Whilst some are taking things too far with death threats aimed at Rebecca and her family, the public’s response in general has been admirable, with huge support for Gervais and the conservation work that he is part of. Ricky also hit back against claims that he is being misogynistic for persecuting Rebecca because she is female, with one twitter response claiming: “Tweeting photos of female hunters really brings out the sexist, misogynistic creeps. Wierd that you’re not condemning them”. Erm , I hate to break it to you, but if you looked at Ricky’s twitter feed, you’d see that he does actually condemn hunters in general, not just women…#awkwarrrrd.

Rebecca is also part of a controversial hunting project called “sheep shape”, something which “explores the personal life struggles of four hunters from cancer, abuse, bullying, PTSD and injuries from the war.” Acting as a guide, Rebecca is actively involved in the project, which even has its own designated website. The profiles of the hunters say things like “Losing my leg after my helicopter was crashed in Iraq has not stopped me from pushing myself and others to the limits of capability.” Okay, I’m not trying to suggest you haven’t had an awful time of it, and all due respect for conquering your illness. But that isn’t a reason in anyone’s book to take it out on innocent animals. If you want something with a bit of a thrill, go bungee jumping.

Hunter Rick Carone’s short biography reads; “The cancer has spread from my pancreas to my liver and kidneys. It is Stage IV Terminal; it is what it is. God has a plan, I choose the positive direction…”As great as it is you’ve chosen to be positive, not sure shooting his beautiful creatures is what God had in mind…

Rebecca claims to have a passion for archery hunting. We can always tie a pink balloon onto a remote control car and see if you can pop that? It has to be pink though, something nice and pretty for you to pose next to when you’ve shot it. On the website, it asserts that Rebecca wants to “share her passion for hunting with her eight kids and other women.” Oh great, so not only will we have more delusional psychopaths skipping through the forests of Africa with rifles and crossbows like something out of Sound of Music, but you’re brainwashing your kids into having no respect for innocent life. Wonderful.

Claiming that she hunts for “conservation” purposes, Rebecca really needs to re-think her excuses. They just don’t make any sense. The giraffe apparently was old and would’ve died anyway. Well yeah, anything will do if you wait long enough. With the carcass she then fed the locals…and posing with it was clearly a vital part of that. Ricky had a similar response. With his usual hilarious sarcasm, he posted this picture:



He also recently re-tweeted this from @ExtremeHuntres1 :



A ‘trophy room.’ Aww that’s quite sad, did you not win any awards at school love? @ExtremeHuntres1 also tweeted this little gem:

"really missing Alaska." Yeah, I bet that bear and that deer would have liked to spend a bit more time there too.

“Really missing Alaska.” Yeah, I bet that bear and that deer would have liked to spend a bit more time there too.


I wouldn’t want to call it, but I don’t think this battle is going to be over anytime soon…