Every year droves of students travel abroad to decompress from the gruelling university year they’ve just completed.  One of the preferred modes of travel for students is interrailing, as it is a really good way of seeing lots of different cities for a relatively low price. However, if you aren’t careful, the cost of interrailing soon adds up as you travel from country to country. That’s why it’s important to keep these essential interrailing tips and tricks in mind if you are thinking of interrailing around Europe this summer.

Book accommodation in advance

There’s nothing more nerve-racking then arriving into a city just as it is starting to go dark and not knowing where you are going to stay that night. Not only will booking accommodation in advance help you to avoid this unnecessary grief but it will also allow you to compare the value of various hostels in advance so you can find the best deal. However, be mindful that hostels might not always look as good in real life as they do in internet photos so it is best to check reviews as well.

They might not offer the most extravagant accommodation in the world but most hostels offer incredible value for money.

They might not offer the most extravagant accommodation in the world but most hostels offer incredible value for money.

Travel over night

There is an abundance of night sleeper trains travelling all around Europe that offer bunks to sleep on with beddings and pillows. Whilst it might not be the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have in your life, it will save you having to pay for accommodation for the night and ensure that you have an extra day for activities when you arrive that would have been wasted on a train journey.

Avoid tourist traps

Cities based in Central Europe, like Rome, Paris, and Milan, are some of the most expensive places to visit in Europe and can also be the most over-populated with tourists over the summer period. This means extensive queues to gain access to the tourist attractions and paying high prices. However, places in Eastern Europe, like Budapest, Prague and Split, offer equally as beautiful scenery and engaging events without the crowded streets and expensive price tag.

Split is a truly breath-taking place.

Split, Croatia, is a truly breath-taking place.

Research travel methods

One of the biggest hidden costs of interrailing tends to be public transport. The cheapest hostels are typically quite far out from the centre of the cities they are based in, which means sussing out the public transport situation before you arrive is vital. For instance, if you are going to use the Metro in Paris then you can get a special student price that will reduce the cost considerably.

Pack light

It’s important to bear in mind that you are going to have to lug whatever luggage you decide to bring to and from various train stations that might be really far out from where you’re staying. That’s why packing light is such a key bit of advice, as you will soon get fed up if you bring too much stuff along. Accommodation tends to have laundry rooms or ways to clean your clothes for a small price so it’s definitely worth making use of those facilities where you can.