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If you only ever get to see one show directed by the dance legend that is Micheal Flatley, make sure that its this one. From start to finish this was jaw-droppingly good.

Visiting the Empire as part of its UK tour, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games tells through dance the traditional story of good versus evil, told through the dreams of the Little Spirit,  with a struggle to claim the ultimate title of ‘Lord of the Dance’. The Lord’s head is turned from his true love Saoirse by Morrighan the seductress, with Erin the goddess translating the dances into song. For 20 years Lord of the Dance has toured the world with knock-out success, and this year Michael Flatley’s new offering proves to be no different.

The energy of this show is immense; you will probably never again see someone who can move their feet quite that fast. Cathal Keaney’s performance as the Lord of the Dance was particularly spectacular, allowing for many in the audience to claim “this is insane!” The choreography was, of course, spectacular, as is to be expected from a performance created by the dance maestro, although the stage effects must not be left out of the praise. The use of lighting and projections was really effective, particularly with Michael Flatley’s appearance at the start and finish of the show, although perhaps they need to work on making the horses look a little more realistic…

The costume department is also to be commended, the mix of traditional and modern was very innovative, particularly with the contrast of the sci-fi-esque dark lord and his evil minions with the more traditional Lord of the Dance. Whilst it is hard to pick one , of course the group dance-off’s had to be the best part of the whole show. The use of live violinists on stage added to the atmosphere, all adding up to one awesome peformance. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is certainly very different to anything I have ever seen before, but I heartily recommend that you go and see it, it really is a one-off stunning experience.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games plays at the Empire  28th April- 2 May 2015