A good book transports you to another world, however strange or even familiar that world might be. An even better book lets you into the hearts of the characters and, especially if they seem alien or even unlikeable, keeps you invested in them. Such were some of the thoughts I had while reading Marnie Riches’ new thriller, ‘The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die’.


The main protagonist, George McKenzie, makes a compelling and believable heroine, a student in political and social sciences at Cambridge who, while on an Erasmus year in Amsterdam, is still stalked by shadows from her youth in a South East London ghetto. The novel is gripping from the very first page when a bomb explodes at the University of Amsterdam and it quickly becomes clear that it is part of a much greater and more sinister design. I particularly admired the vividly described settings and in-depth characters. There is often a very swift transition between scenes and characters but this style is quickly adapted to and proves especially effective  as it means that one quickly gets to know a large and diverse cast.

Released by Maze on 2nd April 2015, ‘The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die’ is the first installment of a trilogy, the second and third of which are scheduled for release in early August and December respectively. Currently available as an ebook from Amazon for only 99p, an absolutely terrific offer, this book is one I can heartily recommend as an addition to your summer reading pile, whether or not you have read much of the genre before.

To learn more about the author, and her other titles, check out her website here.