Singles out 7th August

Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor

2015 really has been the year for American Youtube star Charlie Puth, whose popularity has rocketed ever since he appeared in Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband music video back in March. After featuring on the massive single See You Again with Wiz Khalifa, its now time to see if Charlie can maintain his success as a lead artist, and for the most part he delivers. Recruiting Meghan Trainor for his début lead single makes total sense; it was she who championed him from the beginning and the catchy, inoffensive melody is reminiscent of every Meghan Trainor single to date. The song is sure to be lapped up by radio stations across the country and, despite its lack of originality, will likely cement Charlie as an established solo artist.


Body On Me – Rita Ora  feat. Chris Brown

Rita Ora’s face is plastered on almost every form of media going, from TV adverts to magazine covers, and as such it can sometimes be difficult to remember that Rita Ora is first and foremost a singer. Fortunately, from time to time Rita reminds us of this fact by announcing a new single, though it often takes months of heavy promotion before it becomes available to purchase. The spontaneous release of Body On Me, then, comes as a big surprise, and Rita is clearly hoping that her popularity alone is strong enough to ensure success. Sadly, this is one of the rare times in which Rita fails to deliver; the bland melody, forgettable chorus and unnecessary appearance of Chris Brown all suggest that the song was hastily put together in an attempt to score an easy chart hit whilst keeping her in the media until the X Factor starts. Lets hope that single number four will see a return to form for the singer/model/actress/judge.


Threads – Sarah Harding

As the last former Girls Aloud member to release solo material, Sarah Harding seems determined to set herself apart from her ex band-mates by adopting a pop rock sound. The end result is somewhat of a mixed bag: whilst it’s unlikely to win any awards for pop anthem of the year, it’s still a decent pop song that showcases Sarah’s unique vocals. Whether it will hold its own amongst this week’s host of new singles is open for debate, and only time will tell if Sarah manages to mirror the success of her former colleague Cheryl.


Pony (Jump On It) – Tough Love feat. Ginuwine

English dance duo Tough Love rose to fame with their hit So Freakin’ Tight earlier this year and are back with their new single Pony (Jump On It), this time sampling nineties hit Pony by Ginuwine. The song is a respectable effort on their part and is sure to go down well in the clubs this summer, though it lacks the hook of their previous single. In a chart littered with summer dance songs it’s unlikely that Pony (Jump On It) will stand out from the crowd, and its fade into obscurity is all but certain.


Track of the Week: Love Myself – Hailee Steinfield

The début single from 18 year old actress and model Hailee Steinfield has been highly anticipated. Most famous for her role in Pitch Perfect 2 and her appearance in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, Hailee’s first single proves that she can add ‘pop singer’ to her long list of occupations. The catchy chorus and surprisingly unique vocals combine together to make the perfect pop song, and as début singles go they don’t get much better than this. Hailee Steinfield has certainly caught our attention, and if this is a taste for what’s to come then we may have the world’s next pop star in our midst.


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