Songs released Friday 18th September:

Runnin’ (Lose It All) – Naughty Boy feat. Beyonce & Arrow Bejamin

When English music producer Naughty Boy announced his new single featuring Beyonce a couple of days ago, nobody could believe it. How on Earth did relatively unknown producer Naughty Boy land Beyonce, one of the most famous and influential musicians of this century? We may never know the answer, but for now we must focus on the important thing: the music. Beyonce’s vocals work surprisingly well with drum and bass, as does the vocals of newcomer Arrow Benjamin, and their voices complement each other nicely. The track may sound uninspiring at first, but repeated listens unveil a hidden depth, especially when watching the surreal music video. It’s interesting to note that the track sounds very British, and it will be fascinating to see how it fares in other markets, in particular America, where drum and bass has yet to make any impact.



Automatic – Zhu feat. AlunaGeorge


Electronic music producer Zhu is back with his new single Automatic, featuring the vocal talents of Aluna from English duo AlunaGeorge. Best known for his 2014 hit Faded, the mysterious musician has decided to incorporate a jazz infused saxophone instrumental with his own style of house music, and bizzarely it works. Aluna’s unique ‘childlike’ vocals feel right at home with Zhu’s own style of house music, and the end result is a strange but clever dance track that somehow manages to sound different with every listen.



My Number 1 (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me) – Stylo G feat. Gyptian


British reggae artist Stylo G has achieved moderate success in the UK so far, with his track Soundbwoy making the top twenty in 2013 and then featuring on Clean Bandit’s Come Over last year. His new track, My Number 1 (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me), is clearly designed to be the track that helps him break the UK market, though unfortunately it falls flat in every area. The simplistic and childish lyrics, the generic Jamaican beat, the unnecessary feature; an all-in-all unremarkable track which does nothing to differentiate Stylo G from other reggae acts such as Fuse ODG and Popcaan. Lets hope that the destined under-performance of the track forces him to go back to the studio and up his game, otherwise My Number 1 could very well be Stylo G’s last attempt to get the UK public to love him, love him, love him.



Track of the Week: On My Mind – Ellie GouldingEllie_Goulding_-_Ilosaarirock_2014_3

Despite having released her last album Halycon three whole years ago, it never felt like Ellie Goulding had left the music scene. From featuring on songs with Calvin Harris and Major Lazor to recording the theme track to the films Divergent and Fifty Shades of Grey, Ellie certainly knows how to remain relevant, whilst still spending time perfecting her next album. Fortunately, this plan definitely appears to have paid off; On My Mind is a brilliant pop song that is sure to give her buddy Taylor Swift a run for her money. Ellie’s signature vocals work really well with a more pop-focused production, and it’s nice to see the singer take a step back from the hard edged beats of her previous album and embrace a different sound. The quote from Ellie that upcoming album Delirium will be “a massive pop anthem”, coupled with the quality of On My Mind, has lead to expectations of an unparalleled proportion. Let’s hope the songstress delivers.

Click here to listen to Ellie Goulding’s track via Spotify.