The Sphinx today makes her first response to her innumerable votaries. Now first, after the impenetrable silence of a thousand centuries, does she enclose those “dark heavy lips” Whose “Stern repose” has been undisturbed since the days of Men-Ka-Ra.

It was these words that heralded the start to student journalism at the University of Liverpool 122 years ago.

Since then, two World Wars have passed, man has landed on the Moon, and the microchip has made the seemingly impossible, possible. Yet The Sphinx still stands.

People have gone from wearing tweed jackets to skinny jeans, from eating jellied eels to sushi, and from reading newspapers to getting their news online.

The Sphinx embodies the best of old and new. You could say we wear tweed when it comes to our take on journalism: reliable, trustworthy and student-focused. But we eat sushi when it comes to what our readers want: a vibrant range of exciting and relevant articles. And of course we are online (paper is SO last century)!


Two Sphinx statues can be seen on the Ashton Building, opposite the Harold Cohen library.

Established in 1893 The Sphinx is one of the oldest student newspapers in the country.

The Sphinx was released every month, except during the World Wars, up until 1999 when, mysteriously, publishing ceased.

In 2008 LSMedia was launched as an online student newspaper. It went on to publish several paper editions of The Sphinx.

This year, we are proud to announce that The Sphinx will be making a comeback as an online newspaper.

As The Sphinx, we will continue to provide online campus news, event reviews, university sport updates, advice for freshers starting uni life, science articles, beauty and fashion tips, commentary and much much more.

We’re always on the look out for new writers, so if you’re a budding journalist, aspiring author, or just looking to do something fun and rewarding that looks great on your CV, find us at the Welcome Fair in Mountford Hall on the 24th and 25th September. Alternatively click here to find out how you can get involved.

Also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming competitions, giving you the opportunity to win Welcome Week wristbands and make your mark on The Sphinx in our logo competition.

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