The Coffee House Sessions run every Monday at 3PM in the courtyard (where the food court is). The gigs run for around 30 minutes, keeping it short but sweet, comprising of mostly acoustic sessions. Different acts perform each week, with a promising line up scheduled for the rest of the term.

Luke Sital Singh
The first week’s showing was Luke Sital Singh, a singer-songwriter from London. His credentials include appearing on the BBC numerous times, with one of his songs even being featured on Match of the Day. The songwriter performed in front of a crowded group of students, though his powerful vocals and striped back performance made me feel like I was the only one watching him. Unfortunately his performance was rather under-appreciated, despite his impressive guitar skills, and his music resonated beautifully round the courtyard (thanks in part to a fantastic sound system). His student-like appearance added a welcome sense on informality to the gig, and it’s clear he knew the audience he was singing to.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed his performance: his vocals were on-point; his guitar playing was powerful; his style felt authentic. A truly raw and genuine performer.

Natalie Gauci
The second week’s showing was Natalie Gauci, the former winner of Australian Idol in 2007, an energetic performer who never stopped smiling and interacting with the crowd, whose reaction gradually improved throughout the set. The vocals were phenomenal (as you might expect from a talent show winner), and the stripped back set featuring just a guitar and piano was fantastic. The singer performed cover tracks such as Fallen by Alicia Keys, as well as her own material: Only the Lonely (the opening track to her Ha ha ha album); and new single Freaky, which was released on Monday 12th October.

The highlight of the set was her serene cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, with the singer somehow taking an iconic song and transforming it into something completely unique and mesmerizing.

Overall an excellent performance that could put any current talent show contestants to shame, and the mix of her fantastic vocals with a fun, lighthearted atmosphere made for a truly enjoyable experience.

To read my accompanying Interview with her click here

All the coffee house performances are free, so you can casually listen to them play, although I’d recommend giving them your full attention as both acts have been of exceptional quality.

Alex Jansson

Alex Jansson, will be the next performer on the 19th October here’s a little preview: