Halloween is upon us, time for planning those drop dead gorgeous costumes and the makeup look to go along with that. We all know we’re a little too old for those trick or treating days but with the Waxx party or your best mates house party looming we need to get organised! So, here’s some inspiration that’s guaranteed to impress.

At the Sphinx we took our research a little further this year and headed down to Illamasqua for a live Halloween make-up demonstration.

With a neon sign hanging from the wall above the make-up chair reading ‘ war paint against democracy’ and black writing emblazoned on a nearby smashed mirror stating ‘ beauty is imperfect, mirrors are made to be broken,’ there seemed no better to place for an education in creative make-up artistry. As the eerie monochrome mannequins watched on Liverpool store’s assistant manager, and level 4 make-up artist Katy, transformed her model from barefaced beauty to the alluring Miss United States receptionist from Beetle Juice. Her aim was to create a look that was both intensely Halloween and intensely sexy. Katie revealed that the demonstrations were only in Liverpool stores and went on to explain it was due to Halloween being, “so big here, Scouser’s are a gang of posers and I’m proud to be part of it.” Determined not to let down the Scouser’s we scribbled down the following notes on how to become her Miss United States yourself using Illamasqua products:


photo credit: beetlejuice.wikia.com

Eyes and Brows

  1. Use a light concealer underneath the brows to sharpen them and above to frame. Take the concealer down to the tear duct and underneath the eye to brighten. Katie uses the C115 concealer, an almost white shade to not counteract the blue foundation later to be applied.
  2. To sculpt the brows Katie uses a dark powdered wax to hold hairs in place. She advises to use a powdered wax as pencils tend to slide and powders will disperse. Katie applies the powdered wax with an angled brush creating fine lines to give the allusion of hair. She then finishes with a water resistant sealing gel over the brows for extra staying power.
  3. Katie then applies a cream pigment to lids, similar to a stain, which works as an eye shadow primer and prevents sebum from the lids causing the eye shadow to crease and wear off.
  4. Katie then applies a yellow toned eye shadow powder across the lids as a base, from the outside corner of the eye backwards and forwards.
  5. She then pushes an orange eye shadow over the top emphasising the eyelid’s crease and softens with the yellow base.
  6. Taking a colour from the opposite end of the spectrum to add a natural depth, she puts a cool brown eye shadow in Forgiveness over the top of lids and creates a half moon shape. She then blends a plum toned purple over the top of this shape and the colours seamlessly blend together.
  7.  To create the illusion of wider eyes Katie then applies a purple eye shadow on the lower lash line and brings it deep onto the cheeks for more of a striking Halloween look.
  8.  Navy gel eyeliner is then used on the top and bottom lash line and a red eye shadow is then smudged over the top giving an ill look to the face. Katie then also adds the red to the lids giving a bruised effect. Adding a red kohl liner to the water line furthers this look.
  9. To complete the eyes Katie applies a few light lashings of mascara and then some false eyelashes over the top for added drama. She then takes a liquid eyeliner and continues the shadows left by the lashes down the face.


  1. To start Katie applies a natural glow highlighter and primer (Radiance Veil) over the entire face.
  2. For the base Katie then adds blue eye shadow to a white foundation and gradually builds up the coverage with a foundation brush. She also advises using a black gel liner to draw on features such as teeth if you wish to do so.
  3. She then uses a white highlighter on the brow bone and tear ducts.
  4. A cream pigment in the colour Mould is then used for the contouring and is applied with a highlighter brush onto the temples, from the tip of the ear down to the corner of the mouth, on the jawline and down the sides of the nose for definition.
  5. To further highlight the face Katie then uses a lighter base colour and applies it onto the cupids bow, chin, the centre of the forehead, under the eyes, on the cheekbones and above the contour on the jawline. She then adds a white highlighting powder over the top in Cascade to emphasise the model’s bone structure and give a 3 dimensional effect hollow effect. Finally she adds an eye shadow with a sheen over the highlighting with a contour brush.


  1. With a pencil lip liner Katie draws to rounded balls in the centre of the top lip and outlines the bottom lip normally before joining the top and bottom lips together finishing with a flick at the lips edges for a sinister smile.
  2. Katie then applies a lipstick over the top in shade Vigour.
  3. A wet liquid liner is then used over the top of the pencil liner in a slightly darker shade to contour the lips and a white liner is added on the lips in specks to give them a pop art twist.

And there you have it Miss United States from Beetlejuice…



Very impressive end result from Illamasqua’s beauty artist!

Our pick of the top Halloween make-up products from Illamasqua: 

  • Skin Base Foundation 01, that you can blend with any eye shadow to create a bold colour e.g. red for blood drips or white for teeth or ghostly tones.
  • A Pure Pigment mixed with a Sealing Gel can also be used for this and for more detailed work such as claw marks, which can then be outlined with a Precision Gel Liner. A Pure Pigment can also be doubled as a dark contour to create a hollow deathly effect.
  • A dark vampy lipstick in shade like Viguor.
  • Dramatic false eyelashes, for instance Illamasqua’s bat False Eyelashes are perfect to complete a Halloween look with added sex appeal.

Another few ideas to add to the mood board:





Love this Ice Queen look- easily done with some white face paint and some black eyeliner! Frozen theme anyone?





mexican skull

The Mexican Skull look is one that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years and rightly so. It screams creativity; take the bright coloured face paints and have a go yourself!







I think the different contact lenses make this look. This inspiration is a ‘guide to’ in how to look spooky while still looking so pretty! Illamasqua’s skin base in 001 would be a great base for this.




Not confident enough to try this? Illamasqua are offering their ‘transformations’ in the Metquarter to get you ready for the night ahead. Book at the counter to experience a makeover from one of Illamasqua’s professional makeup artists and choose one of these looks to recreate…


£60 booking fee (redeemable on products)

From dead dog girl to spooky kitty, how do we choose? Whatever you decide guaranteed to look amazing!

Collaboration by Imogen Clyde-Smith and Elizabeth Wright