Hi Rob, thanks for speaking to me, how was the experience filming and did it take long to create?

I knew in June 2014 what I wanted to do next with LSFilm. We finished and released our first series ‘UNiTITLED’ in May and knowing that I was going to be the president in the coming year I wanted to top that and do something bigger and better. ‘the making of’ was the idea and, at its simplest, was a comedy/drama where the comedy bits were about me preparing to film the drama bits. That’s how it was sold.

In short it took a couple months to write, couple more to roughly cast/get ready, then about 4 to film and edit and score simultaneously. It wasn’t easy, and almost always as stressful as possible.
What was the general idea and reason behind the series?
The general idea was to make something so ridiculously ambitious that to sit back and watch it all would knock you back with disbelief. I love it when things get self referential, so I always wanted it to be about itself as much as it was about its themes.
I love making things and this is what I want to do in the future- that’s the overriding reason. I wanted to make something amazing.
Were they all linked in terms of a continuing narrative?

Yes, absolutely. I wanted episode 1 and 2 to be roughly independent and 3 to tie them all together at the end. The characters cross over and there’s clear themes in all- sex, drugs and social media obviously- but also things like ‘Ayn Rand’ and ‘acting’- things that I’m personally very interested in. They were made with a lot of care, I promise- and so if you go back and watch them again you should be able to spot different things each time. The aspect ratios and the colouring and camera movements- everything really, contributed to the end product as much as the narrative. They’re connected in every way.

Were the blonde and brunette girls real?

There it is! This one is totally up to you I’m afraid- I wrote it deliberately so that you, as the viewer, could really choose whichever answer satisfies you the most. In terms of direction though, I did always ask the actors to consider both sides during the scenes. I have a personal interpretation but I’ll keep that to myself ha.

What was the reason for the introduction of the names in the third episode?
Episode 3 concentrates on the beginning of the production whereas in 1 and 2 I’m really just doing research in the comedy sections. In the ‘LSFilm meeting’ scene I used everyone’s names because it just made sense to me to show who actually made these episodes and in real life me, Sims, Luke and Louisa were LSFilm that year.
Was it suppose to be the first one?

It could be a little confusing because the very end of episode 1 chronologically takes place after the very end of episode 3, but no- 3 is definitely set at the end of the series. I did put some things out of order for effect though- that being one of them.

At the end of second episode was it you who attacked Nile’s character? And was the other person in your imagination?

That was a scene I took a lot of time and care over- the answer is yes and no at the same time. Yes because it is J’s (the character I play) actions that inadvertently harm Daniel (Nile’s character). No because it is the drug boss that physically does it. It was deliberately done so that the viewer would question whether or not J was to blame so I’m glad you picked up on that. It’s linked to some Ayn Rand ideas that I was particularly obsessed with while writing it.

Thank you, anything you’d like to add..
I’ll just add that I’m extremely happy with how it’s all turned out and I think the actors and everyone that helped behind the scenes did an amazing job- in particular Nile, Luke and Sims were irreplaceable behind the camera. Also, a lot of praise should be given to Mathew Downes who did an incredible job with the score (he runs the composition society). 

I want as many people as possible to see it because it generates fantastic discussions and more than anything else, really showcases some great locations on campus and around the city itself. Sex, drugs and social media are simultaneously morbidly and excitingly fascinating to me and I’m glad I got to explore them in the manner I did. I have plenty more things planned and should have my next film coming out around Christmas. it’s all go!

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