Singles out 2nd October

Around the World – Natalie La Rose feat. Fetty Wap

Dutch singer Natalie La Rose shot to fame earlier this year with her hit single Somebody, and four months later the singer returns with Around the World, a more dance-focused single that’s sure to be blasted out of club speakers in the coming weeks. The track is catchy enough, though rather generic, and the addition of hot-right-now musician Fetty Wap adds little. Only time will tell if Natalie will become Holland’s next big star, or whether she will fade into obscurity like fellow Danish acts Esmee Denters and Eva Simons.


Alone No More – Philip George

Nottingham producer Philip George burst into the commercial scene at the start of the year with his massive hit Wish You Were Mine, and has been suspiciously absent from the music scene ever since. Fortunately, this week sees the DJ return with the track Alone No More, and like its predecessor the song harks back to the golden age of dance music: the nineties. Despite a strong start, the song quickly becomes forgettable thanks its lack of originality, and it pales in comparison to its vastly superior predecessor. Whilst by no means a bad song, Alone No More is sure to be a disappointment for those hoping for the dance renaissance that Wish You Were Mine was edging towards.


Wake Up – The Vamps

British boy-band The Vamps are back with their new single Wake Up, and have gone for a more rock-focused approach compared to their overtly pop début album. Whilst it’s a stretch to call Wake Up a rock song, the band have done a good job in producing a more mature sound whilst still sounding fun and care-free. Wake Up may not be 2015’s most revolutionary or infectious song, but it’s still a decent effort, and their decision to branch into a (slightly) new sound is refreshing in a market fraught with complacency.

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Track of the Week: Player – Tinashe feat. Chris Brown

Californian R&B singer Tinashe was one of last year’s hottest new acts, with her début album Aquarius earning critical acclaim and her feature on Calvin HarrisMotion pushing her further into stardom. Naturally the eager singer has been working hard on follow up album Joyride, and Player is the latest offering from the twenty-two year old. The track once again shows off Tinashe’s ability to create a song that is reminiscent of naughties R&B whilst still feeling relevant in today’s music scene, and her delicate vocals effortlessly slide over the slick production. A great song to pre-drink to, as long as you can listen past Chris Brown’s verse.