Singles out 23rd October

Hello – Adele

A new Adele song? Five whole years after the release of her last album? Surely I’m dreaming? Is this real life? These questions were likely asked by many across the globe when Adele dropped her new song Hello yesterday, and now that we’ve had a day to process this information, it’s time to ask another question: is it any good? The answer is yes (obviously), though don’t expect it to blow you away like previous singles Rolling in the Deep and Skyfall on first listen. Instead, the song starts slowly and builds up to a powerful chorus, and whilst it provides some of the best vocals we’ve heard from the Tottenham singer, the track does over-stays its welcome slightly (it’s a whopping 4.56 minutes long!). Adele fans will likely hail it is as incredible, the rest will be ambivalent.


Sorry – Justin Bieber

What a year it’s been for everyone’s favourite Canadian singer Justin Bieber. What with his previous single What Do You Mean spending five (!) weeks at number 1 here in the UK, and those pictures dominating the headlines for the past month, 2015 has proven to be the star’s most fruitful year-to-date. New single Sorry will do nothing to diminish the hype surrounding the imminent release of his album Purpose, with its infectious beat and simple-yet-fitting lyrics, and it’s sure to give the star yet another smash hit.


Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan

Twenty year old Australian singer and actor Troye Sivan has made a name for himself as a credible music artist thanks to a string of critically acclaimed EPs, despite his origins as Youtube blogger, and the recent announcement of his début album’s December release was met with universal excitement. Latest single Talk Me Down concludes the Blue Neighbourhood music video trilogy, a powerful set of videos that tell the story of two childhood friends who develop feelings towards each other, only for it to go down in flames due to homophobia. The song is suitably mournful, and though it may not be as catchy or chart-friendly as his previous singles, it’s deep lyrics and quality production perfectly showcase why Troye is one of the most exciting break-through acts of 2015.


Track of the Week: Kamikaze – Mo

Hot off the back of previous smash hit Lean On, Danish singer Mo once again teams up with producer Diplo for her new track Kamikaze. Just like its predecessor, Kamikaze is a fun and energetic pop song that forces you to bop your head to the beat, and it’ll remain fixed in your mind long after the track finishes. Kamikaze proves once again the Mo knows exactly how to make new and exciting pop music, and her effortlessness in creating pop perfection puts more established artists to shame. If Mo can keep this up then 2016 could well be the year she achieves the global recognition she so thoroughly deserves.


Cheeky Shout Out of the Week: No Surprise – The Prions

I’m going to come clean here – my brother is The Prions’ bass guitarist (nepotism at its finest!), so I’m delighted to promote their new single No Surprise. The track is a fantastic slice of indie rock with a typically Mancunian sound, and fans of The Smiths may well become fans of The Prions after hearing it. If you’re looking for a fresh and up-and-coming indie band then be sure to give them a listen – you won’t regret it.