Singles released 6th November:

Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay

Coldplay, arguably the biggest band in the world at the moment, have done a Beyonce and dropped a new single out of the blue, as well as announce their seventh studio album which is to be released in less than a month’s time. Adventure of a Lifetime has a noticeably more disco sound than their previous material, and the combination of Martin’s smooth vocals with vibrant pop-filled rhythms create a feel-good track that is compellingly addictive. It’s just a shame the track was released in November – it would have made a fantastic summer hit.



In2, the hotly anticipated début single from London-based collective WSTRN, is typically hip-hop in every way – it’s catchy, easy to listen to, and it makes you picture yourself driving a Ferrari in sunny Miami. It does nothing to differentiate itself from other artists of the genre such as Jeremih and Chris Brown, but it’s nice to see a British act compete with the juggernauts of hip-hop, though fans of Drake and Kendrick Lamar may find it lacking.


Half the World Away – AURORA

Nineteen year-old Norwegian singer Aurora is the latest artist to appear on John Lewis’ notorious Christmas advert, and in doing so breaks precedent by being an unknown artist to grace our television screens (last year’s was sung by Tom Odell, the year before that it was sung by Lilly Allen). Fortunately Aurora’s wistful vocals are a perfect match for Lewis’ tear-jerker advert, and it’s a testament to her vocal ability that she manages to transform a well known Oasis song into something completely different. Just make sure you don’t give it a listen if you’re in a emotional state – you’ll regret it.


Track of the Week: Sax – Fleur East

Fleur East, best known for coming second in last year’s X Factor, finally drops her début single Sax after much hype and an extensive promotional campaign (it’s featured in ASDA’s Christmas advert, for example). Fleur proved she was destined for greatness after her jaw-dropping performance of Uptown Funk in last year’s show and as such it makes sense for lead single Sax to follow in its funk footsteps. The track is everything we hoped from Fleur and more, with its incredibly addictive sax hook and slick vocals, and its difficult to think of a more confident début single from a talent show. Sax confirms what we all knew already – that Fleur was robbed of the X-Factor crown.


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