The launch of Zuso Clothing, a new exclusive online boutique offering collections from a range of fashion labels from around the globe, was held in the Old Blind School on Hardman Street, Liverpool and included a catwalk and clothing sale.

Any form of party with the 3 Cs (cupcakes, cocktails and canapés) is a good one, but the Zuso clothing launch made for an incredible fashion event.The launch party kicked off the new season of fashion with a fabulous live DJ set,  a catwalk, showcasing the Autumn/ Winter collections, as well as a unique shopping experience with pop-up shops from several local retailers whose products feature on the Zuso site. It was hosted by Juice FM’s Ellie Philips and also raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Including some clothes from the website to purchase, it came with a great vibe and wonderful people to chat to.


The event included a raffle offering a chance for people to win money to spend on the website, as well as Chanel, Tom Ford and Laura Mercia goodies. As soon as I walked in, I was handed a bag with Laura Mercier primer, Tom Ford mini perfumes and a candle. Alongside this I got leaflets, but I was much more interested in the freebies!!

featured image zuso

The catwalk displayed the wonderful clothes that the Zuso website sells, for a more discounted price than the usual designer brand’s website offer. Zuso gives customers the opportunity to shop for designer labels at a fraction of the price

The site is mainly for people who identify as female, and has some gorgeous dresses on show. The catwalk was informal making the overall vibe even more relaxed and non-pressured. 


The catwalk.

Luckily, I managed to catch up with Shaun Humphries, director of Zuso in a rosé-induced interview:


Shaun Humphries, director of Zuso.

Hi Shaun, nice to see you. Firstly, what is your brand?

Zuso clothing is a website that is basically like a really small ASOS. It has lesser known brands like Lavish Alice and Skeena, and we sell them on for affordable prices. We are really hoping to grow so that we can eventually contend with ASOS as a business.

What makes Zuso different to ASOS and other websites of the like?

We’re cheaper than those websites usually are. We know our audience will want cheap but great quality clothes and thus we have a good price range. UK shipping is free no matter what you buy, so you are able to save money that way also. It’s checked and changed every day, so the website is always up-to-date in terms of style and money. 

What is the best thing about Zuso?

Again, the shipping is free so a couple a quid is saved there. Other than that, the quality of the clothes for the prices we sell is unmissable. 

What audience is Zuso trying to grab?

Women aged 16-30 is our main audience. We think that is the most marketable group because young women are always looking for new styles and clothes.

What are your aims for the website now it has launched?

Hopefully we can increase our sales by 200% and become a household name in the Merseyside area for our clothing.

Head over to Zuso now for all the sales and great clothing!