STAR Liverpool (Student Action for Refugees) held a candle lit vigil on the 10th of December at Uni Square in support of refugees involved in the current crisis.

They collected over 100 signatures for a Refugees Welcome petition, that urges the government to accept more refugees and to increase their support of refugee migrants in the UK.

The crisis is being labeled as “worst refugee crisis since WWII”. The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) has reported that there are now nearly 60 million people displaced as a result of conflict and crisis, with Syrians being the hardest hit.


Louise Ellman MP (Riverside) has shown her support: “Congratulations to Student Action for Refugees on the Human Rights Day Candlelit Vigil event taking place on 10th December.”

“It is very important to extend a warm welcome to refugees and I support Student Action for Refugees in their work.”

Councillor Lawrence Brown has also given verbal support for this event and its aims. 

STAR is proud that progress is already being made, with 1000 refugees already having been welcomed by the government – but they urge for even greater action.

Sign the petition here, as everyone’s support is vital in order to deal with the crisis.