A University of Liverpool and Liverpool Guild of Students spokesperson said:

“The University and Liverpool Guild of Students conducted a joint investigation into the activities of LMSS, following a number of negative reports about the proposed script for the ‘Smoker’ play in 2014.

“The Society was invited to draw up an action plan in co-operation with the Guild of Students, to address recommendations that related to a number of activities that came to light during the investigation: these included the promotion of gender segregated events, the adherence to Guild financial procedures, and other social events.

“LMSS were offered the opportunity to work with the University and the Guild, following the release of the Equality and Human Right’s Commission guidance on gender segregation for universities and students’ unions. The Guild sought specific legal advice, so we could comply with the law while facilitating society activity. The society did not engage fully with this process and continued to promote gender segregated events to its members.

“As a registered charity, the Liverpool Guild of Students is subject to Charity Law and is therefore required to account for expenditure relating to registered Guild society activity. Despite meeting with the society several times LMSS continued to retain finances that the Guild, by law, has to account for.

“Deadlines for engaging with an action plan were extended on three occasions, but despite our best efforts, this action plan was not delivered.

“As a result, and with regret, the Guild Trustees and the University have decided to de-ratify LMSS as a Guild Society.

“We recognise the benefits of being part of a medical society, and School staff and the Guild will work closely to support the establishment of a new society, which will be inclusive and attractive to all those who wish to join.”