This evening, the Liverpool Guild of Students announced, via their website, that a petition for a vote of no-confidence in its president, Harry Anderson, did not reach ‘the threshold to hold a vote’.

After a decision, by the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool Guild of Students, to de-ratify the LMSS (Liverpool Medical Students Society) on the 13th of January , a petition for a vote of no-confidence in Guild president Harry Anderson was started by a medical student on

The petition was signed by over 1,200 people, many of whom used university e-mail addresses, and handed to the Guild on Monday last week. This number was in excess of the 716 (3% of the student body) signatures required for a vote, however the Guild needed to process these and make sure all signatures were those of current students.

All signatories, who had e-mails that the Guild possessed (762 of them), were contacted and asked to verify their decision to sign the petition. By 8:30 am on Monday, only 403 valid signatures were received.

The petition ‘remains open’ and the Guild will ‘continue to monitor the number of signatures from current students at the University’.