Hotly tipped for greatness this year, up-and-coming musician Tiggs Da Author has seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to his new song Run and its inclusion in FIFA 16. The rapper/singer supported Jess Glynne the O2 Apollo Manchester last week, and we at The Sphinx were fortunate enough to have a quick chat with Tiggs before his set started. You can check out our review of his set here.

Hi Tiggs, thanks for agreeing to this quick interview. Firstly, how are you finding supporting Jess on her UK tour?

It’s been pretty cool. This is the second date; we started off in Edinburgh and that was cool, there was a nice vibe. Just hoping for more of the same.

How many more dates have you got with Jess?

After this we’ve got three more: two London dates and one in Birmingham.

Your new single Run has been a big success; a significant factor being its inclusion in FIFA 16. How did this come about? Did your management contact FIFA, or was it the other way around?

Every year FIFA take a lot of song requests and all you can do is hope that someone there hears it and likes it. Run happened to be one of the songs they picked out – it was all down to luck!

Run features Lady Leshurr, a new singer/rapper who went viral with her Queen’s Speech freestyles last year. Did you have Leshurr in mind when recording the track? When did you first hear of her?

Me and Leshurr have known each other for a few years and have made some songs together in the past, but we’d never released anything together. Now seemed like a good point in both of our careers so I thought why not? She’d kill the song.

Tiggs interview

Has there been a particular high point of your musical career so far?

Definitely appearing on Jools Holland at the end of last year. It was something I’ve always wanted to do so when it came about it was a surreal moment.

Are there any artists at the moment that you’re into?

I love Izzy Bizu; I’ve been a fan of hers for a couple of years.

Could there be a collaboration at some point?

Yeah, we’ve got some sessions coming up so for sure there’s going to be something soon.

Do you have any musical inspirations?

Yeah, when I was younger I grew up listening to Dizzee Rascal and So Solid Crew; I was into the whole grime and garage scene. It wasn’t until I left school that I got into other types of music.

You were born in Tanzania – when did you move to the UK?

I moved when I was eight years old, so I was pretty young. I wasn’t really into music before I came to the UK – it was mostly into football – and I got into music in secondary school.

Did you form a group whilst in high school?

Yeah! We had a local group called Top Cat Camp, then After Hours, then another called Rebel Lives. Me and my friends just kept making new groups as it was fun at the time.

Would you say there was a specific turning point in your career? Something that helped you break out into mainstream music?

Yeah: I met Sway in a studio session. At the time I was just song-writer and I didn’t have an interest in being a recording artist. He asked if I performed my own songs so I showed him some stuff, which he really liked. He then introduced me to people and helped me with some sessions – he’s the one who introduced me to the guy who produced my songs Georgia and Run!

Finally, what are your plans for this year music wise? Any more singles or EPs? Maybe even an album?

Hopefully I can release an album this year and a couple of EPs. I just want to release a lot of music, do a lot of shows, and let people enjoy my music.


We’d like to thanks Tiggs for his time, and you can find a link to his iTunes page here and his Spotify page here