This Thursday at 18:30 political comedian Matt Forde is bringing his ‘Political Party’ to the Guild, along with Labour’s Andy Burnham. As part of his tour around the country off the back of his Edinburgh Festival show, he’s coming to the Stanley Theatre to “blend topical stand-up and political debate, with the some of the most colourful characters in politics”. So move quickly, as tickets could run out fairly soon!

Matt Forde has worked with Rory Bremner in the past, forming part of the Coalition Report and Election Report, as well as numerous appearances on Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You. He was made widely known for his uncanny impression of Ed Miliband in previous years, which can be seen below, as well as many other well-executed impressions of political figures, something which features in his Let’s Get The Political Party Started tour. The show also features a sit-down interview with Andy Burnham, currently shadow Home Secretary after losing the Labour leadership against Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Burnham was also Health Secretary under Gordon Brown, and shadow Health Secretary under Ed Miliband. All this experience will make for a very interesting interview, and no doubt for a good night, so make sure you check it out!

The show costs £8.60 for Students and £10.75 for non-Students.
If you want to listen to some of the tours other shows click here, for ITunes and here for Soundcloud, and if you want to buy tickets click here to go to the Guild’s website.