Having just celebrated its first birthday, Liverpool University Pole Dance Society has come along in leaps and bounds over the last year. The Sphinx caught up with society president Jenna Davidson to find out the secret to their success and hear about their upcoming show.

Images belong to Liverpool University Pole Dance Society

Images belong to Liverpool University Pole Dance Society

Pole Dance Society launched in February 2015 and has quickly become one of the Guild’s most popular Performing Arts societies, with around 150 dedicated members and an extensive waiting list. The society was established by students who wanted to provide cheaper classes for other students, as classes in town can be expensive. Other University student unions have Pole Dance societies, so why not Liverpool?

Pole dance appeals to people of different ages and abilities, not just students, and is so exciting to be a part of as an activity, as there are always new moves coming out to challenge the most advanced members. But, many members start with very little experience of pole, gymnastics and dance, if any. The big mile stone is when you start to go upside down – that’s the big move.

“It’s addictive. It covers dance, fitness, flexibility; it’s better than the gym, as it works every muscle.”

Pole Dance covers many aspects of fitness, dance, gymnastics and improves your strength, flexibility and tone. As an activity, it caters for many different members’ preferences; some want to focus on the performance aspect of theatrical pole, others on the fitness or gymnastic side.

One may think that, with such large numbers, actual time on the poles would be limited. However, the societies strict three to a pole policy has actually worked well, as members learn how to spot and support each other and learn from each other how to improve; ensuring safety when going upside down on poles and building knowledge of technique. It’s like interval training and is great for sharing tips. Classes are carefully structured by ability and run from 15:10 to 20:10 on Fridays, including flexibility and pole strength classes.

Images belong to Pole Dance Society

Images belong to Pole Dance Society

Though there have been negative responses to the society being set up in the Guild, the society members have found that students have been very supportive, as has the charity they have chosen to support in their upcoming showcase – local Liverpool charity, The Michael Causer Foundation. Established in the memory of Michael Causer, this is a charity who provide education and accommodation to young LGBT people and challenge prejudice. The Foundation have been very supportive of the Pole Dance Society Showcase, which has been organised with support from LGBT+ Society and the Guild.

The Showcase promises to be an exciting night, with guest performers from Liverpool Street Society, fire breathers, acrobatics, and aerial performers. The performance taking place on two levels, the Pole Dance Society performances will include contemporary pole and pole theatre, as well as aerial hoop performances – a new addition to the society. In the future Pole Dance Society hope to expand into a full Aerial Performance Society.

A night of the unusual and unexpected and definitely not one to be missed.

The showcase is to be presented by Alex Ferguson, and takes place in Mountford Hall at 6:30pm on Friday 26th Feb. Tickets for the Pole Dance Society Showcase are available on the Liverpool Guild of Students website; Student tickets £7.00, Adult tickets £9.50. All proceeds will be donated to the Michael Causer Foundation.


Though unfortunately it is too late to get involved in Pole Dance Society this semester, there are many classes in town, and the beginner class will reopen in the new academic year. Visit the Pole Dance Society Facebook for more info.