This non-audition choir serves as a reminder that such ensembles have the capacity to be truly universal by being open to anyone looking for the experience of singing with other people. Without a trace of elitism, the Staff Choir are extremely tight, well rehearsed and sound fantastic.

With a programme spanning over three centuries, the Staff Choir display proficiency in a range of styles including traditional African with choral favourite Sigahumba, sung with enthusiastic vigour and clear enjoyment.

The exuberant Pasta Pasta! is a highlight and Demougin’s setting of nonsensical Italian text to a 17th century Intrada is a hit with the audience, causing many a smile at the jubilant exclamations of ‘spaghetti!’ and ‘prosecco!’. Sung acapella, the choir remain pitch perfect throughout.

Handel’s aria Lascia ch’io Pianga is beautiful in this choral arrangement by Asperger and begins with a sublime tenor solo from Alan Mueller. After his verse the choir enters, restating Mueller’s melody with choral harmony and rendering the aria almost hymn-like, the sopranos reaching the highs with ease.

Both academic and non-academic staff are welcome to join, and if the thought of an audition paralyses your vocal chords then this is the choir for you. With a male section totalling just six members, the choir is especially welcoming of any basses or tenors.

Choirs offer a unique opportunity to make music with other people in a relaxed setting and experience the euphoric feeling of hearing sometimes wildly different musical parts forming a cohesive sound. Contact Anne Demougin for more information at

Photo: LYK Photography

Photo: LYK Photography