On Tuesday evening, BandSoc’s battle of the bands held its second heat. In this competition bands compete in one of three phases, with the aim of making it to the final at the famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street. After all the bands have played, their performances are voted on by the audience who can choose a first and second preference; first preferences being worth two points and second gaining one point. The second night hosted 3 bands in an epic battle.




The band’s name is a Simpsons reference!

Milpool were up first and are a fairly young (this was only their 3rd gig) indie/surf-rock comprised of Luke Halls, Alex McDougall, Toby Ecclestone and Robert Close. The band played a unique variety of melodic, guitar-driven tracks with all members showing vast amount of talent and getting the night off to a great start. Their original songs were catchy and got the crowd moving and singing along, an impressive feat considering some might not have even heard of Milpool. The band also had some of the best stage presence of the competition so far and clearly had a great time playing together.




Up next came Alias, a fiery three piece Indie-Rock band made of Adam Cobb, Tom Spencer and Sam Wilks. The band were great vocally and all highly skilled at their own instruments; however sometimes throughout the set the vocals became drowned out by the rest of the track. This didn’t happen often though, nor did it really affect people’s enjoyment of them. They played some of the best original songs of the night and had a great time doing it. This was another young band (2nd gig) and the band played great with that considered; when starting out it can sometimes be difficult for bands to find their stride but Alias did it with ease.

Influences: Stereophonics, Biffy Clyro and Oasis



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12717690_956763001037502_1051783721263404781_nFinally was Swearwolves, a band that are hard to place with regards to genre but have described themselves as “Dessert Rock” (not Desert rock that’s something very different). Swearwolves are: Oli Cummins (vocals/guitar); Patrick Cummins (drums/ vocals); Francis Day (bass/vocals); and Jack Narey (guitar). This band was filled with passion and got a great response from the crowd early in their set. The band then ended on a compilation of all of their songs- Whiteglow, Brain Games and Calavera- which became so passionate that singer and guitarist Oli Cummins ended the show writhing on the floor, getting a great response from the crowd.

Influences: Nirvana, Pixies, Tiny Tim, The Doors, Modest Mouse, Drenge, Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and Pulled apart by horses.

A second great night of talented acts meant that it was another tense wait whilst votes were counted, but Swearwolves came out on top, meaning that they’ll be moving onto the final at the Cavern Club on Wednesday 16th March. Good Luck, Swearwolves! You can listen to their latest track here. Commiserations to the other bands; any one of them would’ve been worthy of the top spot.