Fears about a city-wide problem in the MDMA supply chain have been mounting following reports of the Boxing Day deaths at the final Cream night in the city.

19-year-old John Milburn and 47-year-old Andy Glaister both collapsed on the same night at Nation nightclub, prompting many to speculate that a rogue drug dealer was selling impure substances at the venue. In the aftermath, some members of the public even condemned the pair for sourcing their drugs irresponsibly.

However, Coroner Simon Holder labelled the incidents a “bizarre coincidence”. Detective Inspector Lee Wilkinson confirmed that John and Andy bought ecstasy pills from two separate drug dealers.


Andrew, 47 and John, 19, who both died after Cream on Boxing Day. Image from the Liverpool Echo

19-year-old John Milburn from Liverpool bought three orange pills branded “Dutch” with a friend — he did so away from the venue. Andy Glaister, a haulage driver from the Isle of Man, purchased one green pill from a stranger in a bar on the night in question.

Investigators attempted to trace the drug supply chain, but Detector Inspective Wilkinson admitted that “to see intricate signs of drug supply which is hand on hand is nigh on impossible.” Various drugs were recovered from the venue, but these could not aid police in their investigations.

19-year-old John was found with another pill in his pocket. The maximum level of testing was carried out on this pill, and no evidence of pollution or unusually high impurity was found. Both causes of death were listed as “MDMA toxicity” — or a simple overdose.

“The cause of death is ecstasy”, ruled the Coroner.