The Liverpool Guild of students yesterday released a full breakdown of the results of the 2016 Student Representative Officer elections, which saw Sean Turner elected President and Amanda Mohan, Obi Akinwale and Yasmin Gasimova elected as the other SROs. Contrary to earlier reports, the number of votes cast was 4,891, with around a 20% increase on 2015, with 36 voters spoiling their ballots, and 4,855 valid votes that contributed to the result.

With 19 candidates running this year and all four current SROs standing down, this campaign was considered unpredictable from the outset, whilst the increase in voter turnout was offset by the larger increase in candidate participation. The spread of votes across the candidates meant that on the first round of voting the eventual four winners received 2,005 votes, or 41% of the overall vote.

It took until the 12th stage of elimination for a first-place winner to be found, when Sean Turner crossed the upper threshold, and it became impossible for any of the other candidate to surpass him. A potential issue in the system, however, is the odd situation whereby Oba Akinwale, at the end of the count, ended up with more votes (715) than second-placed Ananda Mohan on 710. Ananda, however, gained the most votes in the preliminary round, and so won second place. This is perhaps a problem for the Guild to tackle in the future, as no explanation for this anomaly was provided when the results were published.

A full breakdown of the results can be seen below, with Louise Donkor and Mike Edwards falling at the final hurdle into 5th and 6h respectively. Elsewhere previous suggestions that Michael Sonne had come last proved to be well wide of the mark, with Craig Harris gaining just nine votes.


Breakdown of results