In the wake of an alleged incident involving racist slurs directed at a University of Warwick student, the Sphinx has decided, as part of a wider cooperative effort by various student media groups, to run an anonymous, online survey of Liverpool students, asking them if they have ever experienced racism on campus, in halls, or in public during the course of their degree.

Whatever your ethnicity, and whether you have never seen any evidence of racism or have suffered harassment yourself, we want to hear from you.

In order to maintain anonymity, unlike surveys at other papers, we have decided not to ask for a university email address which could identify you. This survey is aimed ONLY at staff and students of the University of Liverpool, and we would ask you to only partake if you fulfil these criteria. We also ask that each individual only fills the survey out once.

If the survey doesn’t appear on this page please click here to go to a seperate website.