Varsity is back on Wednesday the 13th April and after winning last year’s by 83 points to LJMU’s 52, the University of Liverpool will be looking to make it three in row, having also won back in 2014. The Sphinx will be there on the day covering as much as we can, and keeping you up to date with the scores and action as it happens.

Here’s your full breakdown of the week’s events…


19:30 Basketball (M1) IM Marsh
  Trampoline (Mixed) Sports Centre 2


9:00 Riding (1, 2) Foxes
12:00 Golf (Mixed) Royal Liverpool
  Netball (W2) Sports Centre 2
  Tennis (M1, W1) Wavertree
  Volleyball (M1) Sports Centre 1
13:00 American Football (M1) Wyncote
  Badminton (M1, W1) Firefit
  Climbing (Mixed) Climbing Wall
  Hockey (M2, W2) Wyncote
  Lacrosse (M1) Wyncote
13:30 Football (M1, W1, M2, W2) Wyncote
  Netball (W1) Sports Centre 2
13:45 Volleyball (W1) Sports Centre 1
14:00 Jitsu (Mixed) Dance Studio
  Rugby League (M1) Wyncote
  Rugby Union (W1) Wyncote
  Snowsports (Mixed) Rossendale
14:30 Hockey (M1, W1) Wyncote
  Lacrosse (W1) Wyncote
15:00 Handball (M1) Sports Centre 2
  Swimming (Mixed) Sports Centre
15:30 Basketball (W1) Sports Centre 1
  Rugby Union (M1) Wyncote
16:00 Handball (W1) Sports Centre 2


Most of the action is happening on the Wednesday but there are still events on Tuesday night, specifically Trampolining and the Men’s Basketball.

Tickets go on sale on Sport Liverpool and Liverpool SU’s respective websites next Monday.