Having already beaten UoL twice this year, confidence in the JMU camp would have been very high going into the game. However, stern defence when it mattered most by UoL for very large portions of the game provided enough for them to finally end their losing streak against JMU.

For the majority of the first half JMU did almost all of the attacking, though UoL continuously stopped them, repeat errors in attack by UoL meant that the JMU onslaught was relentless as UoL struggled to make any meaningful inroads in the JMU half. Such was JMU’s dominance in the first half, they would have been disappointed to have gone in only 8 points ahead of UoL, who failed to score a point.

The second half saw a massive change in UoL’s performance as they began to find more gaps in the JMU defence, and manage to stop JMU far more often in their own half. This change was reflected in UoL finally scoring, right under the posts, to give them an easy 6 points. They quickly followed this up with another well-taken try to put themselves in a surprising lead. Failure to convert the try, though forgiveable as it was in the corner, meant that UoL’s lead was only a score. JMU’s response was impressive as they quickly began to reassert the same pressure they had shown in the first half, and worked their way up the field to score a try under the posts, which was converted, to give themselves a lead of 14-10. The game swung back once again as UoL found the same gaps as before and scored a very well-worked try on the outside to give themselves a chance of leading going into the final stages of the match, but a missed conversion meant that it only brought the score to 14-14. JMU worked hard to retake the lead and the final minutes of the game were spent firmly in UoL’s half, however, much like most of the game, UoL made the stops when they needed to, and were able to keep JMU out.

JMU will have been disappointed they weren’t able to make the pressure they mounted count more on the scoreboard, especially in the first half, but hats off to UoL for taking their chances and making the stops when they needed to.

Final Score: 14-14