Tomorrow the people of Liverpool go the polls to decide on their elected mayor for the next 4 years. This election will have important effects for the City of Liverpool and for students across the city, so here’s a look at the candidates and what they offer to the public. Each voter casts a First Choice vote and then a Second Choice vote, under a system known as ‘Supplementary Vote’, which is also used in the London Mayoral Election and others across England and Wales.


Joe Anderson – Labour


The incumbent mayor and first elected Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson seeks another 4 years in the job, suggesting he has a “track record of delivery and a promise of more.” He has proposed a set of 5 pledges for the next 4 years.

  • Stability and growth in the face of cuts by Government
  • For a new Liverpool housing company to build 10,000 rent-to-buy homes over the next 6 years
  • For a new Liverpool energy company to provide cheap energy, especially for households with pre-pay meters
  • Make Liverpool the best place in the UK to run a business
  • Become the cleanest and greenest city in the UK


Richard Kemp – Liberal Democrats


As the leader of the Lib Dems on the council and the city’s longest serving councillor, Richard describes himself as “experienced, dedicated and accountable”, citing his long-time public service as a reason to vote for him. Richard has proposed 5 main policies to implement in a 4 year term.

  • Stop the sale of the city’s green spaces
  • Protect the city’s vital local services
  • Build new homes on brown-field sites
  • Bring more high quality jobs to the city
  • Protect the UNESCO ‘world heritage’ status from poor quality developments


Tom Crone – Green

Tom Crone has served as a councillor for St Michael’s ward since 2014. He says that “for our future success, our city needs to be open to fresh opportunities and ideas and become one of the greenest cities in the world.” Below are his 5 ‘green policies for Liverpool’.

  • Prioritise renovation over demolition – poor housing should be refurbished to provide decent homes
  • To not build on Sefton Park Meadows, Walton Hall Park, or the many smaller, but valued, community green spaces
  • Focus support on locally-owned businesses and set up a ‘Liverpool Pound’ so more money stays in the local economy
  • Encourage a greater focus on public transport, safer roads and provisions for cycling
  • Introduce referendums on big issues and introduce a ‘Mayor’s Question Time’


Roger Bannister – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


With a long history with UNISON, Roger Bannister is seeking to “build on Jeremy Corbyn’s
anti-austerity campaign”, running with the campaign slogan – “Our public services are being slashed, and our public services are being sold off”. Below are his 5 listed policies.

  • Reverse cuts to public services that the council has just voted for
  • Re-introduce a £30 per week grant for every 16-19 year old student in the city
  • Organise a city-wide referendum to build a campaign in defence of the Women’s Hospital (which is to be moved)
  • Support the maintenance of publicly-run schools and “resist the Tories’ forced academies agenda”
  • Maintain the train guards on MerseyRail and support the RMT union’s campaign


Tony Caldeira – Conservative

Tony Caldeira comes from a background of local business based in Liverpool and believes he can “deliver the change that Liverpool needs and deliver the strong leadership that Liverpool needs”. As a “strong voice for Liverpool”, he sets out his 3 priorities:

  • Create growth & jobs by bringing investment to Liverpool
  • Freeze Council Tax for 4 years, improving council services and reducing waste
  • Make our streets cleaner, greener & safer, cleaning litter and graffiti, fixing pavements and potholes and protecting our important green spaces


Alan Hutchinson – Independent

Standing on the basis that he is not affiliated to a political party, Alan Hutchinson says that “Liverpool is our City… together, we can move forward!” and below are some of his policies.

  • Protect parks, playing fields and green spaces from development
  • Set up an independent mayoral scrutiny panel
  • Greatly increase the amount of apprenticeships
  • 10% cut in the Mayoral salary


Paul Rimmer – English Democrats

ss+(2016-05-04+at+06.18.37)“Local Jobs for Local People” is the slogan for Paul Rimmer’s campaign, concentrating on the local economy and an alteration in council taxes. Below is a list of his policies.

  • Guaranteed to oppose “uncontrolled immigration”
  • Cut local tax and ensure taxes are not wasted
  • Make Jerusalem the English National Anthem
  • Make St Georges Day a Bank Holiday
  • Restore the August Beatles Festivals in all its glory


Further information can be found on the Liverpool City Council website and in the Mayoral election brochure

All information used in this article was obtained using the brochure, candidates prospective websites, social media profiles and the Mayoral Debate at the Liverpool Guild of Students.