Hey you bunch of freeloaders! Yesterday, I tried to go to all the non-musical events I could at the Smithdown Road Festival, but due to my tardiness, I missed much of the action. Not on Sunday though! Instead of missing the events, some of the events were missing altogether.

Well, what would you expect from this glorious country of ours? Sun? No, that happened on Saturday, apparently its against some sort of cosmic law to expect hot weather two days in a row. In short, due to the rain, several events were cancelled or relocated – on very short notice. Along Garmoyle Road, I ran into some pretty annoyed parents who wanted to take their kids to a play area at the Community Garden, which had been relocated to the Frontline Centre at the end of Lawrence Road. Sadly, the arts exhibition at the Quaker’s Garden was cancelled too, but the volunteer’s seemed to be prepared for that when I visited on Saturday. I would still urge anyone interested to swing by on a free Sunday.

Yet more bad news was to come from one of the music organisers, whom I asked about the times the Gregson Institute on Garmoyle would be screening classic films. To my disappointment, it turned out that the Gregson had pulled out of the festival before Saturday, meaning my quest to get in the building had been entirely pointless (though no less bizarre).

Fried calzones AND Caribbean food? Sign me up coach.

Fried calzones AND Caribbean food? Sign me up coach.

Thankfully, the rest of the event at the aforementioned Frontline Centre, was all systems go. Considering the size of the place, and that many of them were relocated there last minute, it was pretty busy even before any bands started playing (which I won’t get into – please don’t order a hit on me Music writers!). There were stalls there, one was for homemade knitwear, another was for the RSPB. There were also about 3 or 4 food stalls, including Caribbean, African and Italian street food (don’t worry, it was plenty accommodating for vegetarians and vegans too!) with a well stocked bar by the main entrance. I’ve never heard of fried calzones before, but I can safely say that I’ve got a nice little space for them in my life from now on – tucked right between the crippling self-doubt and lack of motivation.

One more event, a swing dancing tutorial, took place at Sefton Park’s Cricket club too, but I’m not nearly spry enough for such youthful frivolity.

I hate to say it, but that’s a wrap for Sunday. If you aren’t impressed with this meagre offering, I’m sure the music section will treat you much better.

If you would like any more info about the festival, or want to purchase wristbands, as ever you can follow the link to the Facebook event. Or if you want to see what went on, on Saturday (a rather inane exercise really, I’m just a shameless self-promoter!) then follow this link to my previous article.