Tired of camping in the Library or struggling to find a place to revise? With the academic year coming to an end and exams just around the corner, the last thing you need is the added stress of searching for a study space! Luckily, students won’t have to battle for a computer or hunt for a work desk much longer.

Due to the upcoming exam period, the Guild has been working with both Libraries on campus in order to create more space for students. The project ‘Library on Tour’ is available and accessible to all students, whether you prefer a silent study area, or work more efficiently in an open group setting. So if you wish to beat the early morning crowds or just fancy working in a different area than usual, the following information may be of interest to you!

Over the next 3 weeks, students will be able to access a number of rooms across campus between 9am-9pm to use as study spaces. The study spaces include:

Where When Noise level
The School of the Arts Library 23rd May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Silent study
The Guild 16th May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Group and Quiet study
South Campus Teaching Hub 16th May – 3rd June, 9am – 9pm Group and Quiet study

This is a great opportunity for students to leave the comfort of their own rooms and try a different study environment. This could apply to students who may not like to revise in a traditional library setting, or even those who just need an excuse to walk around campus and have a break from the intense pressure of revision.

Wondering how you’re going to access the equipment and services that the Libraries provides? Fortunately, the Guild have organised to have PCs and laptops on loan, access to printing and photocopying, Wi-Fi and Library staff on hand to assist you with any questions or queries. To acquire these services, a temporary help desk will also be located in the Elizabeth Gidney Room 1, where you’ll be able to contact Library staff, borrow laptops and use the temporary printer. With a selection of group, quiet and silent study areas, The Guild are opening up the Elizabeth Gidney 1, McAustland, The Library, Ken Saro Wiwa, James E Brown and the Guild PC Room at the times listed previously.

So if you’re eager to find a study space and want to avoid the overcrowding chaos of the Libraries, then panic no more with the wide availability of study spaces across campus.