ItalFresh are a couple who run a vegan ‘Supper Club’ where they take bookings, invite people into their home and cook wonderful and unique vegan meals for their guests. These meals range from Caribbean-style jerk beetroot with quinoa n peas to pan-Asian crisp tempura tofu and rainbow pho.

‘Ital’ food is eaten by Rastafarians’ and only uses ingredients that are grown in the earth naturally, this includes no meat, no shellfish, no chemicals etc. ItalFresh en-corporate this wholesome approach to food into a new menu each month, inspired by a place that they may have visited.


Next Thursday at 7pm, ItalFresh are starting their Winter residency at District where they will be serving their brand new seasonal small plates menu. Alongside this there will be special guest performances, African drumming and an open mic session.

Levi Tafari, who was born and raised in Liverpool, will be performing at the event. Tafari identifies himself as an ‘Urban Griot’ a storyteller and a poet among other things.


If you’d like to give Ital food a go they can be contacted for bookings via
Facebook – This event will be one of many so keep your Thursday evenings free for more!