This week Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery launched its Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 exhibition, presenting the work of three award winning photographers: Joanna Piotrowska, Tereza Zelenkova and Mathew Finn. The exhibition is certainly an interesting one, featuring works from each of the three artists and their respective projects that both compliment and contrast each other. While the ideas and inspiration behind the photography of each individual is very different, stylistically, all of the photographer’s pieces are quite similar in nature.

Joanna Piotrowska’s pieces focus on the effects of the social space on the individual. Her displayed project consists of a range of unusual portraits of teenage girls, which together  work to create a curiously mysterious atmosphere. The works are very interesting because they evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer, whilst simultaneously encouraging you to think about the differing definitions of femininity. Of all the collections, this is certainly the most unique owing to the wide range of interpretation that Piotrowska’s works supply; from drawing upon the issues of femininity, to strength, and the perceptions of society.


Joanna Piotrowska, ‘Untitled’

Tereza Zelenkova’s offerings are geographically rooted in her home country Czechoslovakia and embrace the country’s history and folklore. Her photographs depict calm outdoor spaces, and offer an interesting mixture of the familiar and the unusual  whilst also presenting a unique view of Czechoslovakia. The landscapes that feature in her photos are beautiful and make for very enjoyable viewing – for those who love the great outdoors, this is the one for you!


Tereza Zelenkova, ‘Stairs’

Matthew Fin’s work features his mother as its main focus and tries to explore his relationship with her. In all of his pieces their intimate relationship with each other is clear, as the domestic settings and casual poses gives a very natural and homely feel to the photographs. This collection seems to be more accessible on an emotional level than the other projects in that a domestic scene and familial relationship never fails to warm the hearts of, and evoke a sense of nostalgia in the viewer.

The Jerwood/Photoworks exhibition is a great offering of some incredibly interesting photography. Although small in size, a lot is packed into it and the photography really is thought provoking. The Open Eye Gallery itself is lovely, only a short walk from the docks and next to the Museum of Liverpool, it is a great place to pop into if you’re in the area. If you have a spare moment, head over to the gallery and peruse the exhibition: it’s a worthwhile visit.

Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015 Exhibition is on display at the Open Eye Gallery until the 18th of December.