For anyone who’s into history, musicals and strong female characters, we have a winner… 

Written in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Blitz by local father/daughter duo Tony Bradley and Rebecca Myers and directed by Jodie Marshall, this show ticks all the boxes for being a proper ‘feel good’ musical.

The show is centered around ‘Liver Birds’ Maggs, Carla, Daisy Mae and Lil who work together in Kirkby Munitions Factory and focuses upon how their lives were turned upside down during the chaos and uncertainty of the Liverpool Blitz.

The musical is set on the night of 28/29 November 1940, in the early phase of the Liverpool Blitz, the events of which, including a bombing on Durning Road, would later be described by Winston Churchill as the worst single (civilian) incident of the war”. Follow the girls as they battle to survive not only the worst days of the war but their own personal struggles, jealousies and fears as well!

Liver Birdsong combines broad comedy, poignant tragedy and the musical styles of 1940, into a compelling mix that will have you laughing one minute and reaching for your tissues the next!

You don’t have to be too familiar with the history of what happened to Liverpool during the Blitz to enjoy this feel good story of romance and friendship, so don’t let that mean you miss out!

Liver Birdsong is definitely worth a watch and is sure to wow audiences. Whilst offering something for everyone, this is definitely a tale for the girls, of female strength and empowerment!

Liver Birdsong is on show at the Epstein Theatre from 29th of November to the 3rd of December. 

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