Local coach Craig Pennington has won Double Coverage’s Coach of the Year award.

Pennington, coach of the Merseyside Nighthawks and the University of Liverpool Raptors, has won the award after managing the Nighthawks to the semi-finals of the Premier division play-offs. This comes on the back of receiving the award last year for an unprecedented season where the Nighthawks went undefeated to receive promotion.

Hawks linebacker Eddie Webster explained: “He never lets you settle unless you’ve given it your all. He’s always motivating you to do more and push yourself to improve. Regardless of the score, as long as you work your socks off he’ll be happy. The belief he has in players gets the best out of everyone.”

Raptors Offensive Linesman Ezra Seely added: “I’ve never had a coach I’ve wanted to work as hard for. He drives people to better themselves, not just for the team but for yourself.”