Following a response from the National Student Survey, printing costs have been reduced dramatically, up to ‘almost 50% on previous rates’.

Printing a single page of A4 paper will now cost 3.5 pence and 6 pence for a double-sided sheet. The further reductions on double-sided paper is in an attempt to encourage environmental sustainability among students.

This price reduction occurred at the start of September after a survey suggested students were unhappy with the price of printing at the University.

It is possible to understand why students felt so aggrieved. When compared to other Universities in Liverpool printing costs are very high. Both Liverpool Hope and John Moores give students some initial free credit, a service not offered at the University of Liverpool.

At Liverpool Hope you are initially given £2.50 worth of free credit and it costs £0.05p to print off a single page of A4 or £0.08p for a double side. This is dramatically cheaper than our university, even with the now reduced cost of printing.

Although printing is still not as cheap as some students may wish, the move shows that student’s voices are being heard and action is being taken.

Various surveys, such as the National Student Survey, run throughout the year. They are a great way to help improve student life.