Support came from the talented, feisty and enigmatic Zuzu – also Liverpool born. The Arts Club was lively as soon as she hit the stage and the energy remained high throughout her set. The pop-rocker kept the audience jumping with her catchy hooks and laid back vibe; there was a frequent murmur of appreciation. Tracks to note included the upbeat and lyrically down to earth ‘Moving Back with Me Mum,’ and the recently released debut single ‘Get Off.’ Zuzu finished the set on a high with this punchy polished hit; check it out here.

The excitement for Clean Cut Kid was palpable as soon as the band appeared on stage. It is hard to believe this indie-pop quartet only came onto the scene a year ago, but it’s easy to understand how they got signed after their second gig and have only grown in popularity since. To put it into perspective, during their first summer as a signed band they played an incredible 32 festivals and their recently finished first headline tour sold out. Their bouncy stage presence, catchy riffs and hauntingly harmonized vocals proved to Liverpool why Clean Cut Kid are one of the most up and coming bands of the moment.

Stand out songs performed included the jubilantly longing EP lead single ‘We Used to Be in Love’. The song thrives off a strong electrical guitar riff and lead vocalists Mike and Evelyn’s signature unforgettable harmonies. The melody is contagious and the chorus catchy – the crowd couldn’t help but sing along. The recently released single ‘Make Believe’ also sounded incredible live. As ever the harmonies make the song, with a dirty, driving electric guitar part flawlessly mixed with the rest of the instrumentation. It’s the first single from the band’s debut album which will be released next year. For a band that hasn’t yet released a debut album it was fascinating how much the gig appeared like a greatest hits show. Yet, even brand new material ‘Beat of My Heart’ was exceptional and kept the crowd on their toes. Clean Cut Kid teased the audience leaving the exultant, mid-tempo ‘Vitamin C’ for last. This is one of the first songs the band released and arguably the best.

Every band loves to play their hometown and Clean Cut Kid was no exception. They made this clear as soon as they hit the stage, Mike even gave a shout out to his Mum. As a result the gig had a personal and friendly vibe. The crowd was either swaying or jumping from beginning to end; they held the audience’s attention spectacularly through brilliantly timed songs and engagement. Saul Goodman is the happiest looking bassist you will ever see; his  crowd feeding of his excitement.

Now is the time to jump on the Clean Cut Kid bandwagon – catch them supporting the Fourteeners in Liverpool this month and most likely at many festivals again next summer.