In the light of the American Presidential Election result, people are shocked; horrified, even. The world is in utter disbelief at this result. An inexperienced, openly racist businessman, with multiple sexual assault allegations, now has control of the most powerful and influential country in the modern world. What is going on?

For many minority groups, their fears surrounding Trump are entirely justified. His campaign was fuelled by racism, aggression, narrow-mindedness and a promise to restore a ‘greatness’ that America has supposedly ‘lost’. Sound familiar? The promise to eliminate and isolate areas of an ever-growing multicultural society only places these communities in a position of uncertainty. In our world, should we not be striving to reach a true democracy? Seemingly not in America…

Across the world, people have been grieving as the adored Obama family step aside, making way for the Trumps. Well, to be frank, who would want to linger around a Trump anyway? Not those with any sense, I’d say! Therefore, to escape such an unpleasantness, even if only temporary, is essential. Already, the prospect of exclusion and loneliness is haunting so many, and the need to feel like a part of something is more apparent than ever.

We have freedom of speech, and hence, speaking freely should be supported, encouraged and congratulated. The idea that emotional reactions are exaggerated and extreme are merely the assumptions of an uneducated and disinterested audience. For some, the state of a foreign country, half way around the world, will be the very least of their priorities, considering the current unknown future that we face as citizens of the United Kingdom. But, is that not what we should be? Always united? United as a nation that supports and helps each other, those in need, when in need.

Femsoc’s ‘healing session’, due to take place today at 5pm promises a place for those feeling vulnerable, bitterly disappointed and simply upset to voice their fears. It is to be a safe space in which people can come and stand as one, metaphorically and physically. It is not dissimilar from the demonstrations of hope, that have been taking over America. Protests, petitions, publicised letters; it is both important and promising to see the fight against such a potentially problematic result taking place in a predominantly civilised manner.

Even still, as little as we may be able to change, holding on to our hope is something that can never be taken away from us. For the members of Femsoc, this Wednesday is the release that will help them deal with this situation. It should never be judged or criticised, we all deal and cope with circumstances in our own ways.

So, I pledge my support to those individuals and communities who are currently biding their time, before this whirlwind of a change comes to fruition. Regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality or religion, the olive branch of support, friendship and safety are there for all to take.