A hauntingly beautiful and visceral exploration of mental health; ‘Institute’ is Gecko and creator Amit Lahav’s latest captivating and wonderful production that is sure to resonate in the mind of the viewer long after the swirling fog and guttural moans have faded from the stage.

‘Institute’ is an incredibly ambitious production which despite utilising a relatively small cast of 4 and, at first glance, simplistic set design comprising of towering filing cabinets and glaring lights, manages to explore the dark, comedic and ultimately complex intricacies of the human mind in a way that is itself intimate and distinctly human. While ‘Institute’ is ultimately brought to life through its renowned cast of Chris Evans, Ryan Perkins-Gangnes, François Testory and Amit Lahav himself, it is a highly immersive world crafted and enhanced by the brilliant and expansive set design, mesmerising choreography and minimalist, yet heartfelt script expressed across three languages.


To attempt to describe the plot of ‘Institute’ would be doing the experience a disservice. The performance is more of an exploration than traditional narrative; looking into the minds of four men as the stumble through their lives, catching each other as they fall, tumbling and throwing themselves across the stage. It is a truly wonderful piece whose imagery and raw expressive choreography alone make it worthy of your attention and when combined with the depth and complexity with which it explores its themes and human nature it becomes clear why Amit Lahav and Gecko continue to stun audiences across the country and the globe.

‘Institute’ is on at the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse until Saturday the 19th of November and I cannot recommend this unique and resonant performance enough to everyone. Somewhere amongst the mountains of files and wailing sirens you will see yourself and laugh, cry and cheer until the final curtain drops and even then, ‘Institute’ will stay with you.

For more information and tickets, please visit: https://www.everymanplayhouse.com/whats-on/institute